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Once in a lifetime opportunity.


It’s been a pleasure working with you. Amazing work with our logo and website. We love it!

— George Fragopoulos, Photographer


We began by putting together a mood board to capture the overall feel of the brand identity and website. We knew that it had to look ‘high-end’ to reflect the products being offered, while also capturing the colours and atmosphere of Australia’s red centre.

After a number of iterations on the logo, it was decided that the logo mark should be created by local indigenous artist, Judy Okai. Judy created an artwork which represents ‘ceremony’ and ‘people coming together’ – concepts which fit perfectly with the vision of Uluru Wedding Photography.

Once the logo was close to finished, we started planning the website. Our early conversations with George revealed a number of challenges – the website had to be multilingual to cater to its Chinese audience, and it required eCommerce integration with Chinese payment gateways.

For eCommerce functionality, we eventually decided on WooCommerce because of its flexibility and extensive range of add-ons – one of which is Yoopay, a Chinese payment gateway which also supports credit card payments.

After exploring many options for multilingual integration, we reluctantly decided on WPML. It is a bulky plugin and not particularly user-friendly, but it offers fine-grained control over translations which is what the client needed.

While we were planning the website, George and the team travelled to Uluru to do a photo shoot which would be used to launch the website and other marketing materials.

They came back with some stunning images, and it was a pleasure to work with these as we moved from wireframes to a working prototype, and then the final website.

We did face some challenges along the way, but we’re thrilled with the result, and have formed a great partnership with the Uluru Wedding Photography team.

Check out the website:
Photography by: George Fragopoulos

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