Your friendly creative studio

   Located in tropical Darwin, Australia


We’re a tight-knit team, founded with a sense of adventure and a single purpose: to help our clients shape the future.

Located in tropical Darwin, Australia, we partner with people locally and across the globe. Our favourite clients are startups, non-profits and social entrepreneurs — inspiring people who are making the world a better place.

We approach each project with a powerful blend of creative thinking, beautiful design, and high quality code.

Whether you’re launching something new, changing direction, or taking things to the next level – we can help you make it happen.

We’re also picky about the number of projects we take on, so that we can give each project the attention it deserves.

We focus on what we do best


Brand Identity

Whether you’re just getting started or in need of a refresh, we can develop a branding identity that stands out amongst your competitors.

We’ll ensure your brand represents what you’re all about and is consistent across all your applications.

A brand identity project may include: Logo, Colour palette, Typography, Pattern design, Social media graphics, Email newsletter, Stationery, Apparel, and more.


Web Design

We design beautiful, easy to use, responsive websites for a variety of organisations and small businesses.

Our designs are driven by our client’s goals, with a focus on usability and clear communication.

Web Development

We build websites from the ground up, and we also build custom functionality for existing websites, to help our client’s achieve their goals more affectively.

We’re proud members of the WordPress community, and we use WordPress (almost) exclusively for our web projects.


WordPress Plugins

We’re passionate about contributing to the WordPress community through building high quality plugins. We also build custom plugins to help our clients achieve specific functionality.

Our latest plugin is called Charitable — a powerful donation plugin for non-profits. Check it out at

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Our Team


Eric Daams
Director of Code

Eric is passionate about creating rock-solid fundraising software with WordPress. His most recent creation is Charitable, a powerful fundraising plugin powered by WordPress.



Wes Franklin
Director of Design

Wes is an accomplished designer with many years under his belt designing for both print and web. He spends his time away from the office drinking coffee and enjoying the outdoors with his wife and two boys.

Our Backstory

Our story is of two guys born in the tropical South Pacific in the 80s, who became friends in Australia in the 90s, lived in a ramshackle share house in the 2000s and finally started a business together in 2014.

I suppose you could say our story is a little different. But then, so are we.

Our Name

Our business name, Studio 164a, comes from the ramshackle share house we both lived in — it was number 164a.

Our Logo

Our logo is simple and approachable. The ‘a’ is a little quirky, just like us. It’s being launched upwards, in the same way that we help people realise their vision by providing a spark to get their ideas off the ground.